Traversing the exotic hinterlands of the Altiplano from Salta to La Puna, your personalized tour through some of the most magical landscapes of Northwest Argentina will inspire many moments of intense emotion. One often feels as if the belly of the Inca goddess Pachamama had exploded transforming its contents into minerals that continually alter their forms and colors.  Atop the summit of  Tolar Grande, you will perceive on the distant side of the Salar de Arizaro: 

Amidst the high mountains of Salta a profound surprise awaits.  We visit a museum exhibiting three mummies preserved in the summit of Llulaillaco for more than 500 years.  They connect us with the extraordinary energy of the Incas and works they constructed at an altitude of 6700 meters to honor Viracocha, the great creator deity God.



The intensity increases when overlooking the summit of the majestic Tolar Grande you can perceive on the other side of the Salar de Arizaro:

the volcanos Llullaillaco, Socompa y Aracar   

the vast Andes extended in the distance

-the ancient adobe houses of the Tolar Grande

the small Cones of Arita


– contemplation of the celestial space beneath the stars and a brief analysis of its astronomy

-numerous stops to savor the silence

-short walks among the rocks through those natural gorges that stray from the path toward  the breast of the lead ore

– an introduction to the cosmology and environment of the pre-Incan cultures (Tihuanaco and Huari) created by the early people who slowly migrated South after crossing the Bering Straits an appreciation of the similarities and differences of these pre-Incan cultures with those of the Egyptian, Indian,Tibetan, etc.,


DSC_5245 rumbo al Llullaillaco+++

DSC_4786Laguna santa Maria

General Characteristics

  We offer an unconventional voyage guided by the beauty of the sites we visit and the spirit of the moment, with flexibility in the pace of travel and respect for individual preferences.  It is an intimate, improvisational voyage with small groups of 3 or 4 persons traveling in one or two (Toyota Hilux) four by fours driven by professional chauffeur-guides.  All vehicles are equipped with all necessary camping equipment as well as with satellite telephones and oxygen tanks, in case of emergencies.

Medium difficulty, because of the altitude, it is advisable to provide 1 or 2 days of adaptation to the surroundings (Cachi for example)


– Salta
– Tastil
– Quebrada del Toro
– San Antonio de los Cobres (3775 mts), unforgettable  passage between the Pacific Ocean and the Salta plain through which passes the Train to the Clouds with its spectacular viaduct the Polvorilla (4200 mts), one of the highest in the world.

–Pastos Grandes (4000 mts) after crossing a pass of 4600 mts.
– Pocitos, visiting its salt plain, its recently reopened freight train, and welcomed by the enormous smile of Sinfonia who receives us in her home.   -Tolar Grande, a visit to the Macon Hill and the Robotic Observatory where gravitational waves are studied.
–  The Cone of Arita
– Caipe, an abandoned station

The Accidental Mine, a small city where from 1943 to 1979 more than 2000 workers purified sulfur delivered by cable from the Julia mine at 5300 mts.

– A visit to the foot of the Llullaillaco volcano (with an option for camping here)
– Return to the city of Salta
– The Museum of the High Mountain where each day one of the Inca mummies is displayed

 Lodging :

– 3 nights in a hostel
– 2 nights camping under the stars
– 1 night in a rural home


* 370 USD per day for the 4 × 4 and driver-guide, food and 
lodging not included or about 60 USD per day.

* For 1 person 370 USD + 60 USD = 430 USD per day.

* For 2 people 185 USD + 60 USD = 245 USD per day 
and per person.

 * For 3 people 120 USD + 60 USD = 180 USD per day and 
per person.

 * For 4 people 92 USD + 60 USD = 152 USD per day and 
per person. 

Our team

Jean Louis

Jean Louis, who came from France, 8 years ago

NOA tourist guide

An inveterate globetrotter and lover of the great outdoors, Jean Louis knows how to share his passion with others. He invites you to join an unforgettable journey with him as your guide to the wondrous features of this mystical landscape. Speaks Spanish and a beat of English.


Born and raised in Salta, Daniel has more than fifteen years of experience as a certified tourist chauffeur-tour guide driving a 4 x 4 vehicle throughout the Altiplano.Speaks ingles.

Discover the unbelievable Altiplano of Salta